Version 1.0.0 (latest stable)

The PianoBooster executables now includes a built-in sound generator called FluidSynth. In order for this to work a General MIDI (GM) SoundFont is required. Since this is quite a large file its not necessarily included with the executable. See below for the recommend SoundFont.


There is now an installer/uninstaller for windows. Just download and run this setup program which also includes the recommend SoundFont.

Mac OS:

Unfortunately executables built on one macOS version may not work on a different version and so you may need to try both of these builds:

These mac versions does not include a General-MID sound font. See below for the recommend SoundFont.

Linux AppImage (64 bit):

For Linux users there is now no need to compile from source instead just download the PianoBooster AppImage set the executable bit and then run the AppImage. This version includes the built in Fluid Synth sound generator but does not include a sound font. Please install the fluid-soundfont-gm Fluid (R3) General MIDI SoundFont (GM) package before running Piano Booster.

Recommend SoundFont:

The recommend SoundFont is called FluidR3_GM. Use the Piano Booster ‘Setup/Midi Setup’ menu option and then click on the FluidSynth tab and use the load button to install the SoundFont file.

MD5 sums

What is new


MIDI files

Piano Booster now comes with it’s own MIDI music course called Booster Music. The first time you run Piano Booster a music folder called BoosterMusicBooks is created in your Music folder on your PC. The Booster Music course with the MIDI files and sheet music can also be downloaded here

Also many other MIDI files that work with Piano Booster can be found by searching the web.

MIDI keyboard

To play along with Piano Booster you need a MIDI Piano Keyboard. To connect the MIDI keyboard open the Piano Booster MIDI setup menu and then select the MIDI input interface for your keyboard. (If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard you can still try out PianoBooster using the PC keyboard, ‘x’ is middle C – but a MIDI piano is recommend).

Previous releases

Previous release are available here: