Booster Music Course

This is the starter music course for the Piano Booster open source teaching system. If you are complete beginner please see the Beginner Music Course.

This is a simplified version of Clair De La Lune that uses only the three notes C D and E from your right hand. First find middle C and always use your thumb for this note, then for D use your first finger and for E use middle finger.

Hint: If you are a complete beginner try the pieces from the Beginner Course first.

Lavender’s Blue is a simple tune in the right hand only that uses the first six notes of the scale of C Major. For the lowest five notes C D E F and G use all the fingers or your right hand - one for each note. (With your thumb on C and your little finger on G). Then for A just stretch your little finger to reach that note.

Hint: To help find the notes ensure Show Note Names are turned on from Setup Preferences menu.

For Skip To My Lou start with both thumbs on middle C and then use one finger for each white note on the piano. So for the first two notes which are E you should use the middle finger of your right hand.

This piece introduces the use of both hands as the melody goes across middle C.

Hint: For the notes in the treble clef you always use your right hand and for the base clef your left hand. Make sure you always keep using the correct finger for each note.

For Frere Jacques introduces the use of playing both hands together with a very simple left hand part. First practice the left hand and right hand parts separately. Then when ready reduce the speed to 70% and try both hands together. Again start with both thumbs on Middle C.

Hint: Practice the left hand and right hand parts separately.

Scarborough Fair spans a range of eight notes and so you will have to move fingers up the piano. Use the fingering that you feel comfortable with but ensure that you use all your fingers (of your right hand).

Hint: Don’t think about what fingers to use, just use the fingering that comes naturally to you.

Greensleeves introduces the key of G major which has one Sharp - F#. Normally the sharp symbol is not shown when F# is played (but turning on Courtesy Accidentals from the Piano Booster setup/preferences menu will show all accidentals in the key signature). The melody is in the right hand with a simple left hand part.

Hint: You can show Courtesy Accidentals from the PianoBooster setup/preferences menu. But remember to turn them off when you get more skilled.

Amazing Grace introduces the key of F major which has a single Flat - Bb. Again the flat symbol is not normally shown on the score when playing Bb. Practice both hands separately at first and then when ready reduce the speed to 70% when trying both hands for the first time.

Hint: Reduce the speed to 70% when trying both hands for the first time.


All the sheet music on this page with the MIDI files are available here . This free sheet music can be used for beginner piano lessons with PianoBooster.